Wednesday, June 3, 2009


With this picture i decided to put my ISO at 1600 because it gave that cool look on the net of the basketball hoop.

Time warped

I took this picture after watching alot of time warp episodes with one of my friends in one of my classes.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Caleb's vs. Tony's

This is a picture that i took on a tripod at our high school baseball field. What we did was take multiple pictures then combined them on Photoshop so that it looked like me and a fried were playing a baseball game against each other

Friday, May 22, 2009

Blog review

I decided to do my blog review on This is a wedding photography blog. This blog is not the typical wedding photography blog. The pictures that you will find are also called anti-wedding photography's because of the uniqueness of the picture. There is one picture that i saw that i don't typically think of a wedding when i see it. The picture had the bride sitting by a fake gorilla. Now i thought that this was pretty cool because the human eye is interested in the unusual and most photographs of a wedding don't have a gorilla in it. There is also another cool picture that this blog has, the picture is set a very slow shutter speed and in very dark room. The people cant be seen so draws a outline of the people with a flash light and then the people look very interesting and different.

low appature trickey

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just myself

Typically when I am told to write an essay I think of a boring essay that isn’t allowed to have any fun to it. I would most likely think that in this essay, except for the fact this essay is about me. Now if I were asked to sum myself up in one word I would probably say supercalifragilelisticexpalidousish, but unfortunately no one knows what that word even means. So thankfully I was given a whole five paragraphs to sum myself up rather than one word. Throughout my life I have observed many things about myself. One of the many things that help sum me up is the things I have noticed about the way I act. Another thing that help sums me up is my likes and dislikes. The next thing out of many other things that sums me up is my friends and family. So now I will try to sum the fifteen years of my life in next four paragraphs.
Now to start off with summing myself up is the things I have noticed about myself. One thing I have noticed about myself is how tend to be a comical person. Throughout my life I have tended to try to make situations that might not have been funny to where it was funny. Often times when I am with my friends whether or not if I am trying to make a joke ninety-nine percent of the time I do. Some of the situations I wouldn’t call joke but funny mistakes. One time last year when I was sitting in history (a.k.a one of the boring classes ever) I was joking around with my teacher. Then he told me that he wanted to show me an old trick he learned back in high school. So me being my gullible self I let him try it on me. Next he put his hands on my ears and told me that this will not hurt at all. Then he pulled up and I didn’t feel any pain but I did feel me having to rip a fart at that moment. Whenever he let go of me and I hit the chair I let out one of the biggest farts I ever have. My friend and myself were laughing and luckily for me our table was the only table that heard it. Although that comical moment was completely accident my life always seems to be filled with comical moments. Another major thing I have noticed about myself is I tend to be competitive. Sometime I fill like a little kid when I am competitive. Often I will find myself trying to argue my point even though I know I am wrong. Also I will be over competitive with my ten year old sister over small things.
The next big thing that help sums me up is my likes and dislikes. One place to start with would be sports. Sports are about half my life. One of the sports I like is basketball. This year I played basketball with two organizations. Every summer I play the castle rock three on three basketball tournament and won it last year and the year before that. The year before that was by default because we were the only team, but usually I don’t tell people that we were the only team. My favorite college basketball team is the UCLA bruins. My favorite professional team would be the Utah Jazz. Another sport that I like is golf. Many people when they here golf they think of Tiger Woods. I believe that Tiger Woods is a great player but my favorite player is Phil Mikelson. In the summer I play golf about every other day. Some other sports I like are soccer, baseball, and football. While from those sports my favorite teams are the Yankees, Falcons, and the salt lake real. Another one of my likes is watching movies. When my brother still lived in town we would rent movies every weekend and have movie parties with our friends. Now one of my dislike is doing chores. Now every teen would probably say also this but I don’t have too many dislike so this one tops them all.
Then the last thing that help sums me all up is my friends and family. Whenever I am around my friends and family the help bring out the best of me. All of my best memories and experiences has been when I am around my friends and family. When my family and myself went camping with my cousins in Victoria Canada I was walking with my brother and my older cousins. While we were walking I pulled out my gameboy and started to play it while we were still walking. While we were crossing a bridge about ten feet tall I was so caught up into my gameboy that I walked right off the bridge and fell into a big rose bush. Ever since that experience my family and myself always laugh and talk about that day. With my friends we always hang out and have good times together. Just this last spring break I went to mesquite with one of my best friends where we built many memories together.
All in all these are a few of many things to sum me up. Not only by the things I have noticed about the way I act. Also another thing that help sums me up is my likes and dislikes. The last thing out of many other things that sums me up is my friends and family. Instead of summing myself up in one or two words I hope that now there is a lot more to know about me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Check Spelling

Exposure is used all over in America and the world in photography.Exposure has been used by many photographers all the way from the average bum on the street to Ansel Adams. If exposure is used rightly it accurately represents light and color correctly through the image. Also in the blacks and whites the detail is still shown no mater how dark or how bright. Exposure is consisted of three main things. The first one is aperture, aperture is the size the hole that light is able to travel through. The second one is shutter speed, shutter speed is how long the shutter is opened for. Then lastly there is ISO, ISO is a measure of how sensitive your film or sensor is to light.
With all three of these working together this is what creates the perfect exposure. In combination with variation of shutter speed, the aperture size will regulate the film's degree of exposure to light. Typically, a fast shutter speed will require a larger aperture to ensure sufficient light exposure, and a slow shutter speed will require a smaller aperture to avoid excessive exposure. Areas of a photo where information is lost due to extreme darkness are described as crushed blacks in the photography world. Digital capture tends to be more tolerant of underexposure, allowing better recovery of shadow detail, than same-ISO negative print film. Ansel Adams was an American photographer and environmentalist, best known for his black-and-white photographs of the American West and primarily Yosemite National Park. He developed the zone system, a way to determine proper exposure and adjust the contrast of the final print. The resulting clarity and depth characterized his photographs. Although his large-format view cameras were difficult to use because of their size, weight, setup time, and film cost, their high resolution ensured sharpness in his images. While the technology was worse then, then now Ansle Adams still used Aperture, Shutter speed, and ISO to get the perfect exposure.
All in all exposure is used all around the world. The perfect exposure always consists of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Again aperture is the size the hole that light is able to travel through. Shutter speed is aperture is the size the hole that light is able to travel through. Finally ISO is a measure of how sensitive your film or sensor is to light. If you over expose your picture it will be too bright and if you under expose your picture it will be to dark. So can exposure ruin your picture or it can make your picture a lot better and more detailed if you get the perfect exposure.

Monday, March 9, 2009

land scape

This is my land scape picture at my school

shutter speed

This is a picture that shows a some cool stuff that you can do with shutter speed trickery

Thursday, March 5, 2009

ISO Photos

These are pictures that show my use ISO the brighter one has a low ISO and the darker one has a high ISO.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This are some of random pictures that i personaly thought was funny.

This is one of my pictures that show my use of rule of thirds.

This one of my pictures that shows my use of framing.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My partner has the picture on his blog that shows our use of apature so here is a link so you can look at them.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 1

Hey this is my first day with a blog and this is for my photography class so I don't have any pictures right now but come back another day and I will post some pictures I have took.